Department of Product Design

In the Department of Product Design you will acquire comprehensive knowledge and techniques to express your thoughts in the process of discovering problems and creating forms for their solutions. Focusing not only on form and function, you will also aim at making products that can make users smile.

Department of Visual Communication Design

In the Department of Visual Communication Design, you will acquire comprehensive abilities for inspiration, imagination, creation, and transmission. You will aim to become a bridge connecting people and people as well as people and society by acquiring a complete range of abilities to express things through applying not only digital methods but also analog methods.

Department of Arts and Crafts

In the Department of Arts and Crafts, you will experience an inter-disciplinary education drawing, painting, sculpture, and crafts so that you can commit yourself to pursuing your area of expertise with a global perspective. We aim at nurturing human resources who can understand and utilize the special features of materials and effective ways of expression so that they can spread their messages to people and society through various forms of expression.

Department of Architecture and Environmental Design

Since the curriculum is based on the study of architecture, students majoring in any area of interest can obtain the qualification for the 1st class architect examination. You will aim at designing comfortable and beautiful spaces, keeping the concerns of nature and the environment firmly in mind.

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