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Nagaoka City-where culture and history harmonize.

The city is located in central Niigata Prefecture. In the central part of the city, flows Shinano River, the longest river in Japan. The surrounding hills facing east and west are rich in greenery. The ceramic culture represented by flame method earthenware was produced at least 4,000 B.C. or earlier on this fertile ground.

The industrial Exchange Hall, Hive Nagaoka which supports cultural activities. Nagaoka Lyric Hall of Music and its theater, the prefectural modern art musuem which can appreciate outstanding works of art are presented in this city. Moreover, Nagaoka festival is held in August, with its 20,000 fireworks display along with the famous one-meter diameter fireworks balls.

Nagaoka City’s history continues, with more tradition being carried out, and a city where culture is rooted deeply in its citizens.

Senshugahara Furusato Forest

Facilities like Hive Nagaoka (the industrial exchange center), the Nagaoka Lyric Hall (art and culture hall), the Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, flower gardens, and an open-air concert hall are all located nearby. This is an area where industry and culture mingle, attracting the citys residents as a place of recreation and relaxation. In 1997, the Senshugahara area received the Urban Landscape Award as one of the top 100 urban landscapes in the country, representing a first for the prefecture.

The Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art

The works displayed in this museum are classified into three categories: World Art, exhibiting the Taiko collection; Japanese Art, showing the development of art in Japan from the Meiji era onward; and Niigata Art, consisting of works by artists associated with Niigata Prefecture. The collection, composed of these three categories, contains as many as 1,900 works of art. Various exhibitions are held here, including visiting exhibits presenting works of art from museums all over the world.

Nagaoka Festival (Grand Fireworks Festival)

In this fireworks display, 20,000 separate fireworks illustrate the night sky, including the Sho-Sanjakudama (with a diameter of 90 centimeters, which creates a fire-flower 650 meters wide across the night sky, at a height of 600 meters), Niagara Falls, and Grand Star Mine. The festival also features a popular folk-dance parade called the Dai Minyo Nagashi, a portable shrine parade on the eve of the festival, and a samurai parade in the daytime.

The Niigata Prefectural Museum of History (Kaen Doki Flame Pottery)

Covering a total area of 10,000 square meters, this large museum is located on a hillside of Sekihara, the birthplace of kaen doki. Visitors can learn about the history of the Jomon Period and about the history and culture of Niigata Prefecture. The history exhibit consists of three galleries: History of Niigata,Life in Snow Country and The Making of Rice. The exhibit focusing on the Jomon Period is divided into two galleries: The World of the Jomon People and Exploring Jomon Culture. This interesting and unique museum also contains a full-scale reconstruction of a scene from history.

National Government Echigo Hillside Park

This is an open space that can be enjoyed throughout all four seasons. There is an extensive field called Midori-no-Senjojiki, with a huge maze of trees and various kinds of equipment for fitness and fun, the Koshi-no-Ike pond where you can enjoy the musical fountain and a swim, Follys Hill, and an observation deck. Fun vehicles such as carts and silver buses are also available. And in the winter, you can enjoy skiing here.

Nagaoka City Local Museum

This museum is built on the hill of Yukyuzan Park, and is modeled on the castle tower of Nagaoka Castle. Numerous materials are on display, showing the history of Nagaoka City and its people, founders of a distinctive era. You can learn about the history of Nagaoka in detail, as you enjoy a spectacular view from the castle tower.