Department of Design

By letting students select and study a field in the broad sphere of product design, technology x design and visual design, the goal is to train designers who can adapt flexibly on the basis of advanced specialized skills to our ever-changing and more diversified society.

Department of Art and Craft

Composed of the two spheres (and seven fields) of arts and crafts design which underpin the fundamental “beauty” underlying all design. Here the goal is to train innovative creators who use their various specialties as a focal point, think on their feet and possess the capacity of empathy essential to future society.

Department of Architecture and Environmental Design

Objective is to educate designers with the sort of open, flexible mind that will be needed in the next generation, by enabling them to consider design from the twin perspectives of people/ society and nature/environment and to acquire sound technical ability.
Students who obtain the prescribed credits are entitled to sit the examination to become a Registered Architect, First and Second Class.